O Cellist —>

Gael presents programs for pre-school through elementary grades, telling stories with cello accompaniment. Children participate by learning songs, rhythms, and repeated motifs.

"Thank you for sharing your music and passion of life to children. We never know where these experiences will lead. I appreciate your coming. You bightened up our day." – Su Wen Yang, Montessori teacher, pre-school.

"Gael should be teaching Waldorf teachers." – Madeleine Verguet, lifetime Waldorf music teacher.

Dear Gael,

What a gift you gave us today! Thank you for coming in to tell the children a story and bringing your cello, too. The children drew wonderful images from your story. I am putting them on the wall tomorrow after we have an Art Talk about them. Two children chose to write you think you notes. YOu have a special gift; thank you for sharing it with us.

Katie Johnson