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Dear Gael,

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful assembly you and John put on for us. The other two teachers raved about it and talked about how their classes responded so enthusiastically to your story, the music, and the pictures. My class was as enthusiastic as the others and really enjoyed the dark room, the music, the story, and the slides, as well. I loved listening to the children's exclamations with each picture and how you imitated them on your cello. You have such a gift. When you're ready to do another story, just let me know! We will be an interested, enthusiastic audience.
Katie Johnson
3rd grade teacher at Oxford School

Dear Gael,

I wanted to thank you for being part of the Addison Street Anthology event. Your music was beautiful and was such a gift to everyone there. I was also very relieved to have something to fill the awkward transitions -- you made the event much more pulled together than it would have been otherwise! The event remains in my mind the most wonderful example of what a lot of dedicated and talented people can come together to make, and how generous people are when they love their community. I thank you for being a part of that wonderful spirit.
All the best,
Jessica Fisher
Editor of Addison Street Anthology

To Adam David Miller, poet:
Dear Adam,

I am writing to tell you how very moved I was by your Tea Party performance. You and Gael brought a profoundly meditative tone to that gathering. It seemed so right that the event occurred under a daytime sky, with every tree, rock, and plant integrated with the words, music, and bodies of everyone there.

Somehow, the work you performed meshed seamlessly with the setting and spirit of the day-and with such delicately nuanced communication between reader and cellist! Not an easy feat to manage under duress of the already-unpredictable outdoor accoustics, compounded by a less-than-cooperative sound system. But it worked, and worked touchingly, with great depth of feeling and craft. Before the entire summer elapses, I wanted to thank you for planting that wonderful memory forever in my mind.
With kindest thoughts,
Slim Russell
Editor of Tea Party magazine